Words are a powerful thing especially when it's connected to an emotion. Maybe a bangle with inspirational words, when you have a goal and need to be helped a long the way or a necklace with the GPS coordinates of where where you got married.
There are a lot of ways to tell your story and I would love to help you tell yours.

Hi! I'm Karen!

Welcome to Feelings of Love Jewelry!

I've been making unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces for almost 10 years and designing a piece for you that is unique and beautiful is is my passion!

One of my specialties is Personalized Jewelry for
Birthdays, Anniversary's and even weddings.

If you interested in finding out more about having a personalized
piece made or if you have any questions just go to the
Contact tab at the top of this page, fill it out and I will get
back to you right away

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