My Story

I have been making jewelry for a few years, giving it to family and friends. I was getting great feedback but never thought of starting a business!
Feelings of Love was created after my Mother lost her long and courageous battle with Ovarian cancer. She was my mentor and best friend and I was absolutely devastated. We had such a close bond and after she passed, all the love I had in my heart, had to go somewhere and that’s when “Feelings of Love Jewelry” was created.
I wanted to be able to put the love I had for my Mother into a pieces of jewelry.  Pieces that could be  worn by either my customer or given as a gift to show “their” love.
It’s been an emotional ride but with all the amazing feedback I have received from my customers my story has a great ending!
You, the customer can be assured that every single piece that is made, is made with quality and love!   
Karen -Owner and Artisan