I am thrilled that everyone who wears my jewelry, 

knows that they are getting an   authentic

 Feelings of Love piece, that has 

been made from scratch, expressly for them. 

All of my pieces are one-of-a-kind, just like you!

-Karen ♥


Feelings of Love Jewelry




My passion   for  creating  jewelry has led me to  expand  my art – reaching   a larger 

audience who also value the beauty of 

one of a kind  jewelry pieces. 


 My goal is to combine elegant  and trendy pieces at a cost that you  can afford.

  I  am thrilled and humbled  by the response  and feedback my clients  provide.  

My clients have thus inspired me  to create Feelings of Love Jewelry .

One result  is a line of quality based, one-of-a-kind family tree necklaces

 for the most discriminating.


My Story 

This  road was more difficult than I imagined.

 I was diagnosed with Multiple   Sclerosis and had to   quit the job i loved,

working in advertising.  Then came   the death of my Mother 

shortly after   that leaving me   adrift.

Getting motivated to do ANYTHING at that point was a major challenge!

But after getting my health back, working hard and staying  on track, 

and keeping in mind how   much my Mother wanted me to succeed 

I opened    Feelings of Love Jewelry…and

the rest is history!