My Story

My passion for creating has led me to make to create jewelry that is trendy but affordable. But the most important thing to me is to create a personal, one of a kind piece, that speaks to my customer, with the feelings of love that the customer wanted when ordering that piece.
Feelings of Love was created after my Mother lost her long and  courageous battle with Ovarian cancer. I was devastated to say the least! She was my best friend.  We had  such a close bond and when she passed,  all the love I had in my heart had go somewhere. That’s when Feelings of Love Jewelry was created. 
I had been making jewelry for a few years for family and friends and I was getting a great response. but never thought of  opening a business!  So when I had all this love in my heart that could not be given to my Mom anymore, this was the perfect opportunity to be able to put the love I had in to a pieces of jewelry. 
That piece could be one that was worn by either my customer or given as a gift to show “their” love.
It’s been an emotional ride but with all the amazing feedback I have received from my customers my story continues and you can be assured that every single piece that is made, is made with quality and love!

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