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At  Feelings of Love, the art of personalized and handmade jewelry continues to set the bar for exquisitely crafted interpretations of its wearers’ stories. From a single initial hand-stamped in gold to a layered combination of symbolic numbers, names, and stories, I revel in giving form to your memories, your loved ones, and your unique spirit.

Local Craftmanship
At the heart of Feelings of Love Jewelry is a dedication to craftsmanship and authenticity. Not one piece of mass production machinery can be found in my shop! Each piece is handcrafted in my studio, cut, cast, stamped, forged and finished by hand. Each personalized piece is made letter by letter!

Hand stamping is the art form of striking a metal stamp with a letter or design on it into a metal piece…spelling out desired names, words, quotes, or designs, etc. The letter stamp is struck by my hand with a hammer leaving the impression.

CUSTOM ORDERS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME… EVEN ENCOURAGED… in order to provide you with a unique piece of jewelry!  If you see an item that you like, but would like it to be hand stamped with something different…just let me know and I will gladly set up a custom listing!

There will be slight variations in depth of letters and as these are not machine generated, perfectly straight lettering should not be expected. I do my best to give each piece an overall quality appearance and hope that the items will be received as heartfelt, life long memorable keepsakes.

I use lots of different metals in my pieces, from aluminum, brass, copper, pewter, Nu Gold, gold-filled, silver-filled and stainless steel. Please be sure to read over the descriptions closely when thinking about a purchase. If you would like a different metal than what is in the listing…let me know and I will try to accommodate your request!

If you have ANY questions, please get in touch, I am here to help!

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